6 ways to Plan and Deliver a Successful Event

When planning and delivering a successful event as an event management company there are so many crucial elements that are to be considered at each stage. When a client brief lands on your desk, you have to ask yourself what are all the elements that need to be considered in order for the event to be successful. What are the key objectives the audience should walk away with? Where will the venue be? All of these questions and more need to be asked and broken down.

With the right planning, organisation and execution, any event can be highly rewarding for you and your client. Below is a list of some top tips to be considered while planning and delivering a successful event.

1. Set Goals

As an event organizer company, it is important to ask all the relevant questions from the client and set the objectives of the event from the offset. Without these important questions being asked and knowing what you want the outcome of your event to be, will make the event planning process more difficult and harder for you to help navigate the team in the right direction.

Some key questions that need to be discussed with the client when setting an objective are, what is going to be the outcome of the event? What do you want people to learn from your event and leave away thinking? Is it new product launches, MICE, BTL event, retail event i.e. categorize the event so as to facilitate better understanding and planning. The list goes on – set objectives that are realistic and achievable.

2. Budget

Always ensure that you have the right budget for the right event in order to deliver. Some key questions to ask when planning an event is,are you looking for a small intimate, niche event? Or is it going to be a large scale event? Having a budget in place will play an integral part of your planning process as your budget will determine how big or small your event will be and keep you on track to what the budget should be spent on.

3. Venue

The venue will probably be the largest cost of any given event. Ensure you do a thorough search of a range of different venues depending on your location and give yourself enough time to book the venue in advance. The venue should be chosen as per the type of event. Having the right style of venue for the right type of event you are showcasing is so important.

Another element to consider is the location of your venue. Is there easy access to the train or bus station for delegates to get to and from? How long will the journey take via car from the main city? All important things to consider, as you don’t want the venue to be too far for people to be travelling or any delays on the route.

4. Delivering on the event

Up to a week prior to the event, there needs to be full run through with the client and all team members involved to ensure that everyone knows what they are doing and opens the floor for any questions they may have.

The run through is also very vital as everyone has to be aware of what to do in case of an emergency, so briefing for this scenario will also need to happen before the event commences.

5. People

People or audience are the most important asset when conducting a successful event. This includes your own team, volunteers if you have any, caterers and all other suppliers. Make sure you have enough human resource to perform all the task needed for the event and when hiring, ensure they have the appropriate experience to deliver the exceptional service.

Make sure you have created an event that is interactive and engaging. People will always want to get involved into something which is interesting rather than just watching power point presentation with no engagement – so get creative and get the people involved.

6. Evaluation

It is always a good idea to have a follow up with your client and evaluate post-event. Ensure that this happens immediately after the event so that all of the event details are remembered, and it’s fresh in everyone’s mind.

Thus, to conclude these are some of the important points to keep in mind so as to ensure that the objective of the event is fulfilled. Primar Partners is a leading event management company in Delhi, having 10+ years of experience in the event management industry and worked with fortune companies. We expertise in a corporate event, MICE, BTL event, private parties and many more.